Conference Scholarship

JeremyEngberg2The Conference Scholarship Fund was designed to assist members who wished to attend conferences of subject matter that would be informative and useful to them and/or their family. (download guidelines and application).

Ann Barbour Music & Performing Arts Scholarship

Ann Barbour Memorial Scholarships are available to individuals with Down syndrome to fulfill their goals in pursuing education in music and the performing arts. (download ann-barbour-scholarship-guidelines and ann-barbour-scholarship-application ).

Leah Elliott1

Recreation Scholarship

Recreation Scholarships are available to individuals with Down syndrome who wish to take part in recreational activities that include, but are not limited to, organized sports, summer camps, exercise classes, swim lessons, gymnastics and dance.

(download recreation-scholarship-guidelines and recreation-scholarship-application)





Education Scholarship

DSACO’s Education Scholarship program provides financial assistance to individuals with Down syndrome to participate in educational activities. These activities might include but are not limited to private tutoring, auditing college courses, purchase of educational electronic applications, DSACO’s Summer Learning Academy tuition, and DSACO’s Online Learning program fees. The program does not fund iPads or other electronic devices. (download guidelines and application)

Family Scholarship

(Awarded at World Down Syndrome Day event in March. Applications will be accepted for next year in January 2018.)

College scholarships are offered to self-advocates or individuals with a family member with Down syndrome. Please refer to current guidelines and applications for the 2017 year. (download guidelines and application)