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Leslie Walker-Hirsch Presentations

The Facts of Life and More

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Teens and Adults (16+) : 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Parent/Professional Session: 1- 3:30 pm

DSACO Office

Fee: $10/person

Teen and Adult session:

Join the Living Happy & Healthy gang for this session with internationally recognized speaker, educational consultant, and author, Leslie Walker-Hirsch.  Learn about safe and healthy relationships, building friendships, relationships at work, dating and more. There will plenty of role playing in this session so be ready to “act” the part while you learn to identify and develop your circle of friends!

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Parent/Professional Session:

Did you know that the groundwork for our children’s sense of sexuality is laid at a very young age? Do you have questions about puberty and the sexuality and relationship concerns that accompany it? Learn “The Facts of Life and More” with Leslie Walker-Hirsch, internationally recognized speaker, educational consultant, and author of The Facts of Life and More: Sexuality and Intimacy for People with Developmental Disabilities. Leslie will answer your questions and talk about the best ways to approach and teach sexuality. Topics covered will include: major influences on sexuality, how age-peer friendships affect social development, understanding of social boundaries, and the Circles curriculum to teach social awareness/safety (now an app!)

This session is open to parents of any age child, teen or adult, older siblings and professionals who work with those with developmental disabilities. Often these trusted individuals receive little or no training regarding sexuality related issues. Please extend an invitation to providers, educators, social workers, anyone who works with teens or adults in our community.

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